About Us

 Dawn’s Soapy Goods is a local homemade company that makes homemade luxury soaps and other beauty products .

Our passion of soap making got started when we realized the healthier and natural alternative to store bought soaps. So as a result we wanted to share our natural soaps and beauty products to the public to help people live healthier lives. As a consumer we like to know what is behind the label and not be surprised by unnatural additives. So in our soaps you will find a clear label with natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives and colors. With these ideas in mind it inspired us to create the Dawn’s Soapy Goods company, so people could visit us to get healthier, yet luxurious soaps and other beauty products. So enough with the “shady labels” and “unknown/surprising additives” lets start treating our bodies as something to be loved and cherished, we only have one let’s treat it well.

We always strive to be open with our customers, so feel free to ask us questions, tell us about your experience, or provide us with new ideas we will always appreciate it. Send your feedback and suggestions by using our Contact Us page and leave reviews on our products.